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Founder of GoodStoryADay & Author of GoodStorybooks

      helping kids . . .

         - Focus on Good,

         -  Say : "I Can, 

         - Showcase their Talents, 

         - Manifest  Goodness in their
            lives and the world!

        Joycebelle lives these four simple principles daily and loves to instill them in children.

        In the past she often pondered, "How can I best do this?"

        She waited and listened . . . sometimes patiently, sometimes not!

       Then, one day, the answer came to her:

       "Give our precious children,
            a Good Story A Day,
     and make it accessible to all!"


        She didn't need to ask, "How?"

       The answer tumbled out of her mouth out loud:

"Give a Good Story A Day for a Penny-a-Day on the Internet!"













       "I got goose bumps from my toes to my head. Every hair on my body was standing straight up," she states.

        Yes! This is what I was born to do, she thought. This is the culmination of all I have studied, worked, and yearned for!
       All my publishing activities over the past 30 years were leading me in this direction.
       My education added up to this. My years of teaching English, literature, writing, and reading, certainly gave me insight into the minds and needs of children.
       My parenting years . . . oh yes, they taught me to really love kids, my own and others, and to become a storyteller with compassion and love, with excitement and imagination, with knowledge and hope.
       My work publishing and coaching with New York Times best selling authors, Mark Victor Hansen of Chicken Soup for the Soul™ fame and Robert G. Allen, acclaimed as the Millionaire-Maker, has brought me in touch with thousands of people who are looking for better solutions (which we give in the Enlightened Wealth Institute).
      And, most importantly, as a child, I was trained by good stories from my earliest recollections under the tender tutelage of my mother. All she ever wanted to be was a mother to nurture children with goodness, inside and out. And that is exactly what she did, or I should say does. She is still guiding me!

        Yes, Joycebelle's entire life immediately "added up" in one simple phrase:

    GoodStoryADay for a Penny-a-Day







       She feels that she was born to present GoodStoryADay to children of all ages worldwide. "Wow!" she exclaims. "I knew I was born to accomplish a great mission in life. We all are! But I never knew what or how until in that one split second, it all became clear . . . the entire process, the entire system, the results! . . . more.

It all happens . . . One Story, One Child, One Family One Day at a time.

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                      Joycebelle Edelbrock,
       founder of Goodstoryaday and, is the author or 16
            just released children’s books.

She is a publisher and producer of business books, an out-of-the-box idea consultant to NY Times best-sellers, and a coach to thousands of authors (children and adults) in writing, publishing and marketing. Her innovative thinking gives authentic childlikeness to her children’s books which she has packaged so children fall in love, not only with her stories and activities related to them, but with reading itself.  She makes reading fun in every aspect of the word by publishing children’s books as Talking, Animated, Picture eStorybooks in three classifications: fairy tales, fun word books and real life adventures.

Each flash movie is bundled with a goodstory giftpack of the ebook and audio book editions, add on reading supplements with stories about the stories, flashcards and Q&A games and fun activities including coloring pages, to print and make posters, mobiles, finger puppets, party decorations and much more. In fact, her children’s books sell kids on reading for fun! Whether a child is a non-reader, slow reader or excellent reader they read along, read more, and love it.

Joycebelle was a non-reader until she was in the 6th grade and never felt comfortable reading to others until late in life. Now, she has dedicated her life to seeing that children read for fun and love it.

On a budget? You will be delighted at the low cost and high value the author offers you. Her motto is "Kids, catch the happy reading habit and feel the joy!" Her dedication is "Enriching the World - One Child, One Story, One Day at a Time!"

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